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Giving back: a commitment to help make the world a better place. The Children of War Foundation seeks to provide donated reconstructive and post-operative care to any child living with a physical deformity or injury that cannot be treated in their home country.

Donations provide the funding required for comprehensive surgical care for children regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality or religion. Treatments are provided by either transporting the child to the U.S. or during one of the organization’s international missions, where medical teams travel abroad and address multiple cases throughout the duration of their visit.

What is unique about our organization is that all work is done by professionals and that all funds received go towards our candidates. However, the important work that is done here is only possible because of the extraordinary investments of our philanthropic partners.

Surgical Friends Foundation | Non Profit Surgery Organization

Surgical Friends exists to provide free reconstructive surgery and post-operative care to young adults living with physical deformities. Our only mission is to unite philanthropists, reconstructive surgeons and build public/private partnerships for patients who live with difficult and life-threatening deformities and who do not have access to medical treatment. Unlike many organizations, our ultimate goal is to train and to empower developing world doctors to perform surgeries on their own for generations to come.

Download "SUPER FUN™" for FREE on the iTunes App Store!

SUPER FUN™ includes the most addictive turtles with custom voices and different accents who just wanna have super fun. Featuring 33 custom voices, stellar animations, crazy turtles and incredible sharing features, SUPER FUN™ App guarantees you hours of super fun and laughter along with your friends.

Every turtle speaks in a unique way with breathtaking animations which will surely make you and your friends have a good laugh. Turtles sport different voices, including that of a witch, funny guy, villain, surfer, rapper dude and many more.

With the outstanding, all-new custom talking feature, you can say something to a turtle and it will repeat it to you in an amusing manner. This is an extremely exciting animation that you will definitely find funny.

Social interactions are embedded right into the core of the App so you can share your joyous experiences of these incredible turtles with those who are close to you. Either use social media or MMS to share some gleeful moments with your close relatives, friends and colleagues.

A favorites tab allows you to instantly add all your favorite animated turtles with different voices to your favorite’s gallery. While demonstrating the App to someone, just use your favorites bar to show off the coolest turtles with their surprising voices to gather traction.

Having FUN is a good thing, but SUPER FUN™ is way better. So don't just have fun, have SUPER FUN™.

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33 SUPER FUN™ Turtles!

The SUPER FUN™ Turtles offer high quality animation and sounds to entertain for hours!

What our users say:
"This App is addictive..."
"Love it."
"OMG, it's classic!"

Unique Voices

The unique voices are hilarious and allow you to be creative when sending messages to family and friends. Each accent and character will leave you laughing and wanting more.


NEW - Recording Feature - Say something to a turtle and it will repeat it back in a funny way.
33 unique turtles, each with their own personality and accents.
High quality turtle animations with unique moods and gestures.
Share via Facebook and Twitter.
Send voices and videos via MMS.
Save videos to your Photo Gallery.
Constantly updated with new turtles and personalities.

Mega Super Fun LLC

This is the first app from Mega Super Fun LLC. Located in Chula Vista. Mega Super Fun LLC will be offering more voices in the near future for your entertainment! Fans, please leave us comments and let us know how we can improve the Super Fun App! Remember…we're not here for FUN, we are here for SUPER FUN™!

How to Use the Recording Feature

To start recording, press the "Record" button. Once you start speaking, the turtle will repeat after you. The app will automatically stop recording once the turtle is finished talking and dancing - you don't have to press the "Record" button again!
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